RV Dwellers Could Be Kicked To The Curb In San Rafael

A new ordinance could kick people in the North Bay who live in RV’s straight to the curb.

News Story (California)

John Ramos
KPIX-TV (SF Bay Area)
September 6, 2016

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Marin (California)


In July, the City Council approved a ban on what they refer to as “RV and oversized vehicles” parking on city streets. The warning tickets being placed on the RV’s say the ban applies to any vehicle over eight feet tall, and restricts parking to one hour, or the time it takes for loading or unloading. But, not everyone is behind the plan.

“You cannot criminalize an activity that is basic to life. That goes against the 8th Amendment,” David Snyder, Executive Director of Legal Aid of Marin said.

Snyder says the fact that the ordinance allows homeowners to get a permit to park an RV for themselves or a guest is evidence that this is meant to target only the homeless.