D.C. is evicting tenants for no good reason

That lawyers for the city didn’t take the time to differentiate between the two is concerning and must be addressed by city officials.
Editorial (District of Columbia)

Washington Post
September 8, 2016

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia


Among those caught up in what Post reporters called “an assembly line of government agencies that merely processed paperwork”: a grandmother forced from her Southwest home over one gram of marijuana, and an advisory neighborhood commissioner who had to move after a small amount of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and shotgun shells were found in the room of her apartment-mate. “A lot of tenants,” Beth Harrison of the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia told The Post, “are dragged into court who shouldn’t be, and a lot of landlords are being forced to bring these [eviction] cases even when they don’t have enough evidence.”