‘I checked my bank account, and it was zero’: Lincoln student files lawsuit against debt collector

A Lincoln college student has accused a local debt collection company and its lawyers of violating federal and state collection practices when they went after him over an unpaid $2,800 bill.

News Story (Nebraska)

Lori Pilger
Lincoln Journal Star (NE)
September 23, 2016

Tags: Debt Collection, Student Debt

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Nebraska


In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court this month, Austin Bauer is seeking actual damages plus up to $1,000 from Professional Choice Recovery and attorneys James Cada, Edward Hoffman and Linda Jewson.

His attorney, Lea Wroblewski of Legal Aid of Nebraska, said while the case is filed against one particular agency, what happened isn’t unique to this collection agency or even this county.

“This is the way it’s been done in Lancaster County for years,” she said.