Victims Of Campus Violence Have Free Legal Counsel

The Domestic Violence Clinic at the University of Oregon will use part of the $300,000 Department of Justice grant to pay half of the salary of attorney Kasia Mlynski. She provides free victim support services protected under attorney/client privilege.

News Story (Oregon)

Tiffany Eckert
KLCC (local NPR Eugene, OR)
September 29, 2016

Tags: Campus Violence, Sexual Assault

Organizations mentioned/involved: Domestic Violence Clinic at University of Oregon


Mlynski says when cases have a criminal component, defense attorneys can seek to subpoena sensitive student information.

“Unless that victim has an attorney or someone working with them to file an motion to quash that subpoena and end it—a valid subpoena can lead to the release of your educational records,” says Mlynski. “So that’s something that students really need attorneys to be involved in to make sure that that doesn’t happen.”