Fair to benefit undocumented immigrant survivors of domestic abuse

Victims of domestic violence can have a hard time walking away from their abuser. For those who are undocumented, that challenge can be exacerbated by fears of revealing their immigration status.
News Story (Texas)

Lucia Benavides
Austin American-Statesman
October 1, 2016

Tags: Domestic Violence, Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: Texas Civil Rights Project


The Texas Civil Rights Project, a nonprofit focusing on legal advocacy, is working to help this community with their Immigrant Victims Services Program. On Oct. 8, in conjunction with Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the nonprofit will host an event called “Families Against Violence,” during which the community can donate things needed by shelters in their service areas. They will also be helping attendees register to vote.

“Immigrants are uniquely vulnerable to abuse,” said Glenaan O’Neil, regional director of the Immigrant Victims Services Program at the Texas Civil Rights Project. “They are incredibly dependent upon spouses with immigration status in this country.”