APS to blind mother: Walking kids to school is your responsibility

Attorneys with Atlanta Legal Aid filed a lawsuit on Todd’s behalf last week, alleging that the Atlanta Public Schools’ failure to “reasonably accommodate” Todd and her children.

Blog Post Alan Judd
Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC)
October 11, 2016

Tags: Disability Rights, Schools: Discrimination

Organizations mentioned/involved: Atlanta Legal Aid Society


Daffanie Todd, a single mother of three school-age children, lost the last of her eyesight in 2013. She navigates her home in southwest Atlanta only by shuffling her feet across the familiar terrain. Without a guide, she cannot make her way in the outside world.

She certainly cannot accompany her children – ages 9, 8 and 5 – to and from their school, half a mile away on a street with no sidewalks and heavy traffic.

But Atlanta’s school system has repeatedly denied Todd’s request to provide bus service. So her children have been absent from Continental Colony Elementary since Aug. 9 – nine weeks and counting.