Former ITT Tech students still reeling; declare a debt-strike

More changes are ahead in for-profit colleges and universities and students are caught in the middle.

News Story (California)

Lena Nozizwe
Free Speech Radio News
October 12, 2016

Tags: For-profit college, Student Debt

Organizations mentioned/involved: Center for Responsible Lending (CRL), Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA)


Then the Department of Education decided that ITT was no longer a qualifying institution for students receiving federal loans.

“Obviously it’s a system failure of accreditation.” Whitney Barkley from the Center for Responsible Lending says students in for-profit schools have been left in the lurch when officials fail to act in a corrective and timely way. “It’s obviously a system failure of states who too often just accept that accreditation and allow the school to operate in their state without doing much more to approve them or oversee them. And it is a failure of the Department of Education to act when there was clearly a problem.”

Barkley also notes that many for-profit schools depend heavily on taxpayer dollars through students who pay their tuitions with federal student loans. In some cases, she says, federal funds make up 90 percent of a for-profit school’s budget.