In Rural California, LGBT Seniors Often Are Forced Back Into The Closet

The reality of aging is a hard pill to swallow for anyone, but for the LGBT population in rural places it can be an even rougher experience.

Audio, News Story (California)

Ezra David Romero
Valley Public Radio (Fresno, CA)
November 1, 2016


Organizations mentioned/involved: California Rural Legal Assistance Inc. (CRLA)


That fear is what a lot of LGBT people face when reaching the age where they may need someone to take care of them. Parts of Central California are known to be quite conservative and with that often comes anti-gay sentiment says Lisa Cisneros with the nonprofit group California Rural Legal Assistance. Even still she says fewer LGBT people are moving out of the region.

“With the increased cost of living and housing in these metropolitan areas I’m finding a lot of people moving to the Central Valley who identify as LGBT,” says Cisneros. “This is where we grew up and this is where we want to raise our kids and grow old.”