Kagan Dishes on Taking Chances, Anger at the Court and Going to Law School ‘For All the Wrong Reasons’

Hundreds of law students looking for public interest jobs at the Equal Justice Works career fair took a break to hear Kagan’s own story about her path to the nation’s highest court.

Interview (District of Columbia)

Tony Mauro
National Law Journal
November 1, 2016

Organizations mentioned/involved: Equal Justice Works (DC)


Along the way, she offered advice, life lessons, and stories from her life at the court.

“Can I say first just how thrilled I am to be here today?” she asked Judge Ann Claire Williams of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, who was leading the discussion. “It’s a great thing you are all doing, at the start of your legal careers to be here looking for ways to promote the public good. You should all feel great about yourselves.”