Landlords try to keep identities secret in cat-and-mouse game

Landlords are routinely using LLCs to avoid paying fines incurred for renting out substandard, unsafe housing or for violating ordinances aimed at preserving neighborhoods.
Investigative (Wisconsin)

Cary Spivak, Kevin Crowe
Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
December 4, 2016

Tags: Housing: Landlord-Tenant

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Action of Wisconsin, Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee


Rashaed and his LLCs are well-known in the Milwaukee County Courthouse, both as plaintiffs filing eviction suits and as defendants in suits filed by tenants who are often represented by Legal Aid or Legal Action.

In July, the Legal Aid Society sued TYTY Property Investments LLC — a company linked to Rashaed that is based at one of Rashaed’s home addresses — on behalf of Pennie Armstrong, a former tenant who said she lost all of her belongings when she was evicted.