Vermont Supreme Court Decision Expands Access To Health Care Subsidies

A case decided by the Vermont Supreme Court earlier this month will serve as an important precedent for some Vermonters hoping to buy subsidized health insurance through Vermont Health Connect.

News Story (Vermont)

Taylor Dobbs
Vermont Public Radio
December 14, 2016

Tags: Health Care

Organizations mentioned/involved: Vermont Legal Aid (VLA)


A woman identified in court records as J.H. bought insurance on Vermont Health Connect last year.

She was expecting a subsidy to help with the cost of the insurance, but the state denied her request. They said she didn’t qualify for a subsidy because she already had access to health insurance.

But she didn’t have access to health insurance.

“So, J.H. was denied subsidies because her husband had access to health insurance through his employer,” said Christine Speidel, a staff attorney at Vermont Legal Aid who represented J.H. in the case.


The state Supreme Court answered that question this month, and ruled in J.H.’s favor.