Baker administration accused of denying shelter to homeless mothers

A longstanding push to end the practice of putting homeless families in motels at state expense has resulted in Massachusetts illegally denying shelter to the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable, a lawsuit from five mothers struggling with homelessness alleges.
News Story (Massachusetts)

Joshua Miller
Boston Globe
December 15, 2016

Tags: Housing: Homelessness

Organizations mentioned/involved: Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS)


Implicit in the legal action is a more pernicious allegation, one the administration strongly denies: That in service to a pledge made during Baker’s political campaign, the state is hurting residents who most need help.

“By not immediately placing families who are eligible or who appear to be eligible,” the suit alleges, the state “is seeking unlawfully to reduce the demand for shelter placements, which in turn enables the agency to assert that there is no longer a need for motel placements.”