Poor Texans left in dark as state electricity aid program ends

Low-income Texans are struggling to come to grips with the demise of a longstanding program that helped them pay their electricity bills.
News Story (Texas)

Jim Malewitz
Texas Tribune
January 5, 2017

Tags: Consumer Protection

Organizations mentioned/involved: Texas RioGrande Legal Aid (TRLA), Texas Legal Services Center (TLSC)


On Dec. 19, with just $15.31 in her account and the outside thermometer showing 27 degrees, Garcia composed a plea to Lite-Up Texas, a state program that had long helped low-income folks pay their electricity bills.

“Please I beg you to bring back this assistance with electricity,” she wrote in an email that she inadvertently sent to The Texas Tribune. “I am going to freeze during this cold season.”

Garcia is among many poor Texans coming to grips with the loss of support from Lite-Up Texas, which stopped offering its discounts on Aug. 31 because it ran out of money.