Baton Rouge Area Foundation offers program to help disaster relief

After the disastrous flooding last August in Louisiana, more than 2,500 victims were denied relief by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, according to a news release.

News Story (Louisiana)

Christopher Mobley
Louisiana Record
January 20, 2017

Tags: Disaster Recovery

Organizations mentioned/involved: Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS)


In order to find a solution to this problem and allow those affected by the flood to receive aid, BRAF is completing a program that will help those effected by the floods clear property titles. This will make them eligible for the federal grants which will go toward repairing their flooded houses.


“Civil legal aid is an essential, yet overlooked, component of disaster recovery for lower-income people and communities,” SLLS Executive Director Laura Tuggle said. “We know the importance of tackling unresolved title problems that pose a barrier to recovery funding, insurance proceeds, and a family’s ability to obtain capital to rebuild their homes. We are so grateful to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation for investing in justice to help families and neighborhoods rebound after disaster.”

According to its website, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation has already granted more than $3 million to nonprofits and schools in the efforts for disaster recovery.