About Utah: No one complains about this lawyer’s bill

It’s about the 10 years and counting Nick Angelides provided legal help for people who never could have afforded it otherwise.

Column, Profile (Utah)

Lee Benson
Deseret News (UT)
January 22, 2017

Tags: Justice for All, Pro Bono

Organizations mentioned/involved: Utah Legal Services (ULS), Disability Law Center (Utah)


Nick bills out at zero an hour. No exceptions.

“What he does is absolutely inspiring,” says Tanta Lisa Clayton, Nick’s supervisor at Utah Legal Services. “His commitment is amazing. You couldn’t find a lawyer who is more caring, more concerned.”

Like clockwork, Nick shows up at the office every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. His hours are 9 to noon, but they usually stretch longer than that. Often he makes home visits to consult face to face with his clients — people on the poor end of the economic spectrum who need help with landlord-tenant issues, wills, power of attorney, health care problems, estate planning and so forth. At any given time he’s juggling 25 to 30 cases.