Needed: Justice for immigrants fighting deportation

The U.S. government continues to aggressively deport tens of thousands of vulnerable, unaccompanied minor children and mothers with children fleeing extreme violence who do not have the benefit of a lawyer.

Op-Ed (New York)

Jojo Annobil
New York Daily News
January 26, 2017

Tags: Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: Immigrant Justice Corps (NY)


Although the Supreme Court has recognized that deportation — being torn away from one’s family and the life a person has built in America — is a severe penalty, there is currently no right to appointed counsel in deportation proceedings, and 63% of all immigrants are forced to represent themselves, with disastrous consequences.

Against this backdrop, the country is bracing for what may be an unprecedented era of enforcement against immigrants. President Trump and his appointees and advisers have talked about deporting millions of immigrants. Such a drastic enforcement measure will overwhelm the immigration bar, especially legal services providers and pro bono (volunteer) attorneys who represent immigrants in removal proceedings who cannot afford a lawyer.