Hands off Chicago’s legal aid funding

No principle is more fundamental to who we are as Americans than our nation's promise of justice for all.

Op-Ed (Illinois)

Bob Glaves, Chuck Smith
Crain’s Chicago Business
January 27, 2017

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Chicago, Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


We should be increasing funding for legal aid to ensure the justice system is fair and accessible for all, not cutting it and undermining one of our nation’s core values. Now, more than ever, Chicago’s legal and business communities should lead the way in making this case to our elected officials.

One thing that became clear after November’s elections: There are many Americans today who question whether we all have equal opportunity and can expect to stand equal before the law. In the face of this headwind, it would be unfortunate to cut funding for LSC, an already underfunded program that assures fairness in the justice system. The result would be even more people going without necessary legal help, further reinforcing the growing perception that the rules are different for the “haves” than the “have-nots.”