Lawsuit filed against DHS over ‘secret computer algorithm’

The lawsuit, filed late Thursday by Legal Aid of Arkansas, alleges that DHS has used a "secret computer algorithm" to reduce in-home health services to many disabled Arkansans.

News Story (Arkansas)

Jeff Bricker
Jonesboro Sun (AR)
January 29, 2017

Tags: Disability Rights, Medicaid

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Arkansas (LAA) (Jonesboro, AR)


Bradley Ledgerwood wants people to understand that the benefits he receives from the state of Arkansas through the ARChoices program are critical to maintaining his quality of life.

“People don’t realize how important this is,” Ledgerwood said, noting that his benefits allow for a full-time caretaker in his home. Ledgerwood has cerebral palsy, a condition that severely limits his physical movements. He cannot perform many of the most basic physical functions of daily life with assistance. However, he doesn’t let his disability slow him down.

Ledgerwood leads an active life by any standards, attending church three times a week, serving on the Cash City Council, frequently going to lunch with friends and even being an active member of a local political party. But he fears all that could end if the state continues to reduce his home health benefits.