Legal aid spending has a seven-fold economic impact, Florida study finds

Legal aid also saves money for governments that don’t have to provide emergency shelter because of help provided to tenants and low-income homeowners, the study found.

News Story (Florida)

ABA Journal
February 2, 2017

Tags: Funding: State & Local

Organizations mentioned/involved: Florida Bar Foundation


In remarks prepared for delivery at the Midyear Meeting press conference, ABA President-elect Hilarie Bass remarked that civil legal-aid funding “offers a tremendous return on investment.”

“Civil legal aid helps stabilize families and individuals living at the margins of our economy,” Bass said. “It helps restore income streams from sources including Social Security and Social Security disability, child and spousal support, wages, unemployment compensation and veterans’ benefits. This income then turns over within Florida’s economy, where an estimated 2,243 jobs are created.