Do You Qualify for An Immigration Benefit? Ask immi

Civil legal aid groups Immigrant Advocates Network and Pro Bono Net have created a new free online program to help people navigate the byzantine immigration process and find out whether they might qualify for visas, legal status or other immigrants benefits.

News Story (NATIONAL)

Catalina Gonella
NBC News
February 3, 2017

Tags: Immigration Process, Technology

Organizations mentioned/involved: Immigration Advocates Network (IAN), Pro Bono Network (IL)


Even when immigrants know their rights, applying for legal status typically requires immigrants to spend dozens of hours reviewing instructions and tracking down necessary documents. The process also often can cost around $2,000, mostly for an attorney’s help to navigate the process.

But the online program provides users with in-depth screening, information and referrals to legal aid organizations.

First, users answer a series of simple questions about their background and family history. They are then provided with a set of results based on their answers that lets them know if they might be eligible for relief, said immi creator Matthew Burnett. The program also provides referrals to non-profit legal organizations for free or low-cost help.