These New Online Tools Give Immigrants Cheap Legal Help With Their Cases

An estimated 1.5 million undocumented immigrants may be eligible through legal status but not even realize it.

News Story (NATIONAL)

Adele Peters
Fast Company
February 3, 2017

Tags: Immigration Process, Technology

Organizations mentioned/involved: Immigration Advocates Network (IAN)


On a mobile phone, an undocumented immigrant can go through a series of simple questions in English or Spanish (Immi plans to add more languages in the future), and learn how they might be able to apply. It also provides plain-language explanations of what someone’s rights are if they run into police or immigration officials, and connects people with local nonprofits for more help.

In the past, immigrants have often struggled with misinformation or dealt with fake experts called “notarios,” who take people’s money but aren’t actually qualified to help them with immigration issues. Nonprofits are often overburdened. The app is meant to help answer questions easily, accessibly, and at no cost.