In Northern Virginia, Immigration Raids Put Families On Edge

For one Annandale community, the fear hit home last week, when Immigration and Customs Enforcement visited two homes at The Fairmont Park Apartments.

News Story (District of Columbia)

Armando Trull
February 16, 2017

Tags: Deportation, Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Justice Center (Virginia)


“The calls started on Tuesday morning last week as a trickle,” said Simon Sandoval Moshenberg, an attorney with the Legal Aid Justice Center, who met a reporter at the complex. “By the end of the week it was a steady stream and now it’s become a flood — phone calls emails, people reaching out to us on Facebook.”

Sandoval Moshenberg says the Justice Center is trying to sift facts from rumors. “First of all, there is a tremendous amount of rumor of ICE activity,” he says.

“But a lot of people are taking to heart the message that you need to have an emergency plan for what happens if one parent or, God forbid, both parents are picked up arrested and deported,” he says. “People are asking us for help in drafting power of attorney for their kids, so someone can take care of their kids on an emergency basis, and other documents of that nature.”