Is prominent landlord using foreclosure loophole to ditch low income tenants?

A prominent and influential West Michigan landlord is dodging its commitments to provide low-income housing for its tenants, housing advocates say.

Investigative (Michigan)

Jim Harger
March 9, 2017

Tags: Housing: Foreclosure, Tax-exempt Bonds

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Western Michigan


Eenhoorn LLC has arranged foreclosures for least seven of its low-income housing developments in Michigan and other Midwest states, said John Smith, a lawyer with Legal Aid of West Michigan.

Those foreclosures allow Eenhoorn to get out of 30-year commitments to offer reduced rents to low-income tenants at their properties. The commitments were made by the original developers when they used government-issued tax credits to build the housing projects.

The Michigan Housing Development Authority has asked the Internal Revenue Service to rule on whether Eenhoorn should be denied the ability to convert their subsidized apartments into market rate units.