New initiatives to combat domestic violence/sexual assault begin in Indy

The expansion, called the Eskenazi Health Medical-Legal Partnership, will provide legal support to domestic violence and sexual assault victims onsite.

News Story (Indiana)

Mercadees Hempel (IL)
February 2, 2017

Tags: Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault

Organizations mentioned/involved: Indiana Legal Services (ILS)


“This is the first time where we’re sort of directly addressing the needs of victims of sexual assault by trying to be at the point of location when they have reached to the hospital system for help by being at the emergency room, at the emergency department and working specifically with the Center of Hope, which is the group of folks that specialize in working with folks who are the victims of sexual assaults,” said Adam Mueller, the Director of Advocacy for ILS.

A $30,000 grant from the Indiana Criminal Justice System is what funded the partnership expansion, and Mueller said that MLP will allow victims to speak with an attorney and receive help with a variety of issues, such as finding housing, no contact orders, immigration, health insurance and what the criminal system looks like, even though ILS is not a criminal lawyer firm.