Legal services in unprecedented danger under Trump’s budget proposal

Budget proposal includes cuts to organization that helps clients fight negligent landlords and domestic violence, in addition to 18 other small budget agencies.

News Story (NATIONAL)

Tom McCarthy
March 16, 2017

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services Corporation (LSC), Legal Services NYC (LSNYC)


Don Saunders, vice-president of civil legal services at the National Legal Aid and Defender Association and an expert on civil legal issues, said on Thursday morning that “LSC forms the backbone of the civil justice system in the United States that serves low- and moderate-income people” and that cuts to LSC could in particular strip protections for seniors and people who live in rural areas.

“Without the federal support, we can go back to where legal aid started in this country,” Saunders said. “We’ve had urban legal aid programs for over a century. But it was the federal support that created the capacity to expand out into rural areas. So you will see a great retrenchment in that regard without federal support.