At busy eviction court, people look for second chance

Court officials, legal-aid attorneys and mediators encourage landlords and tenants to talk, to strive for compromise.
News Story (Ohio)

Rita Price
Columbus Dispatch
March 20, 2017

Tags: Housing: Eviction

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society of Columbus


They can, unlike in several other counties, submit an affidavit and send their attorneys. Advocates for the poor say that ease makes the process seem almost too efficient.

“Symbolically, I guess, for a lot of tenants it’s like a slap in the face,” said Jyoshu Tsushima, an attorney with the Legal Aid Society of Columbus. “They take off work. They’re here.”

Marshall, Tsushima and a handful of other advocates scramble during “rush hour,” or the first chaotic minutes as eviction court gets underway. They explain mediation, offer resources and try to determine who has a good argument.