Legal aid funding cut from Trump budget

Rep. Susan Brooks, the Indianapolis Republican who co-founded the Access to Legal Services Caucus in Congress in 2015, is advocating for LSC funding to be retained.

News Story (Indiana)

Marilyn Odendahl
Indiana Lawyer
March 16, 2017

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Indiana Legal Services (ILS), Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


Noting Congress will ultimately write the budget, she described access to justice as a national priority.

“The president released his budget today, and now, it is Congress’s responsibility to draft and pass a budget that is focused on our priorities as a nation to provide for the security of our citizens and their families,” Brooks said. “Part of that security must be to protect the rights of citizens to due process and access to legal counsel. As co-chair of the Access to Legal Services Caucus, I will work to protect Americans access to legal services, regardless of income.”

Indiana Legal Services, which has eight offices around the state, receives the bulk of its funding from the LSC. In 2016, ILS reported total revenue of $9.89 million of which $6.63 million came from the Legal Services Corp. Across the state, ILS helped 10,340 clients.