Legal aid leaders prep for fight over Trump budget

Presidential budget proposals seldom pass Congress intact, but Doran says the threat to civil legal aid can’t be ignored.

News Story (Washington)

Jefferson Robbins
Wenatchee World (WA)
March 22, 2017

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Northwest Justice Project (NJP) (WA), Washington State Office of Civil Legal Aid (WAOCLA), Equal Justice Coalition (EJC) (Washington State)


About 70 percent of low-income households in the state suffer civil legal problems each year, according to a report commissioned by the Washington Supreme Court in 2015 — an average of nine such legal challenges per household a year. The top three categories for legal problems were health care, consumer or financial problems and employment, the study found.

“LSC funding also helps veterans secure benefits,” said Jay Doran, director of the Washington Equal Justice Coalition, an advocate for civil legal aid in the state. “It helps families escape domestic violence and get parenting plans and protection orders in place. It helps people avoid fraud or get back on track after they’ve been a victim of fraud. It’s an array of issues.”