White House budget proposal cuts legal services for low-income Alaskans

For the past 50 years, Alaska Legal Services Corporation has offered free legal help to low-income Alaskans.

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Anne Hillman
Alaska Public Media
March 22, 2017

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Alaska Legal Services Corporation, Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


This year’s White House budget proposal cuts funding for the Legal Service Corporation across the nation. The cut is promoted by the Heritage Foundation, a DC-based conservative think tank. Last year, Legal Services Corporation received $385 million. The Congressional Budget Office does not make recommendations about funding programs.

ALSC Executive Director Nikole Nelson said the proposed cut could have a significant impact in Alaska. “That’s our backbone core funding and we use it to leverage other funding which are keeping our rural offices open.” They also rely on local contributions and some state funding.