Law agency that helps low income people faces budget cuts

The two-lawyer Legal Aid office in downtown Sandusky, which helps people who can't afford a lawyer, turns away about 80 percent of the cases that come through the door.

News Story (Ohio)

Tom Jackson
Sandusky Register (OH)
March 25, 2017

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Western Ohio (LAWO)


One of those local board members, Hazel Foley, said Legal Aid plays a critical role in protecting both children and adults dealing with domestic violence.

The civil protection orders that Legal Aid can help people obtain can stop an abuser from entering a person’s home, school or place of employment and can order a person to stay away from children.

“It helps to keep them safe,” she said. “That part of Legal Aid is extremely important.”

In 2016, Erie County’s Legal Aid office handled 428 cases. Sandusky’s office has two attorneys, Anderson and Denise Zinni, but it sometimes gets help from other Legal Aid attorneys.