Woman finally wins her KC house back after a money launderer took it with a common scam

Maxwell appeared to be the victim of a common scam carried out with a legal document called a quit claim deed.
News Story (Kansas, Missouri)

Ian Cummings
Kansas City Star
March 28, 2017

Tags: Consumer Protection, Housing: Mortgage

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid of Western Missouri


Quit claim frauds in various forms are reported in Jackson County about a dozen times a year, said Sgt. John Payne, a spokesman for the Sheriff’s Office. Such cases are rarely prosecuted unless they involve numerous homes or large dollar amounts.

It’s just one example of the kinds of real estate schemes that target vulnerable people and properties, exploiting points in the legal system where no one is watching out for law-abiding citizens, said Peter Hoffman, an attorney with Legal Aid of Western Missouri.

“Nobody’s ever there to look at these things and raise a red flag,” Hoffman said. “And there are people out there who are desperate.”