Study: Civil Legal Aid for Poor Has Broad Economic Impact

A newly-released study has found that civil legal aid in Maine has an economic impact of about $105 million a year.

News Story (Maine)

Mal Leary
Maine Public Broadcasting Network
April 4, 2017

Tags: Benefits of Legal Aid: Economic, Research/Data

Organizations mentioned/involved: Maine Justice Action Group (JAG)


The group is co-chaired by Maine Supreme Court Justice Andrew Mead. Mead says the study shows that the aid is well spent and has a positive impact on society.

“Anyone who commits time or money to an effort wants to know what’s happening in return: What is the benefit? Is there a benefit to me? Is there a benefit to society in general?” Mead says. “I think this study
answers that question.”

The study finds that aid to help poor people with a wide range of legal issues, from housing to healthcare, has a broad economic impact. It comes in the form of federal dollars and other awards, cost savings to Maine communities and higher incomes for workers in Maine.