Time for Virginia to Get Serious About Repealing Failed Automatic Suspension Law

Kimberly was one of nearly a million Virginia drivers whose license is suspended in part for failure to pay court costs and fines—that’s 1 in 6 Virginia drivers.

Op-Ed (Virginia)

Marc A. Levin, Angela Ciolfi
April 10, 2017

Tags: Court Debt, Driver's license suspension

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Justice Center (Virginia)


This is a matter of basic fairness. People who purposefully defy a court order should be punished. People who live paycheck to paycheck and must choose between paying the rent and paying their court costs should not be punished for choosing to keep a roof over their family’s heads. The only way to tell the difference between those two groups of people is to have a hearing. But having hearings for nearly a million people would be prohibitively expensive.

That’s why it’s time for Virginia to get serious about repealing its failed automatic suspension law altogether.