Cuts to Legal Aid Would Be Catastrophic for Children

Children are the hidden beneficiaries of legal aid services.

Op-Ed (California)

Nisha Kashyap
Chronicle of Social Change (CA)
April 13, 2017

Tags: Children & Juvenile, Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


By representing their parents or caregivers, legal aid attorneys funded by LSC assist nearly 800,000 low-income children across the country every year. Put differently, LSC — a program that comprises less than 1 percent of the federal budget — annually improves the lives of 12 percent of children living in extreme poverty.

LSC accomplishes this remarkable feat in a number of ways. Nearly one-third of all legal aid cases are family law cases, including restraining orders, child support petitions and adoptions. This advocacy is particularly important and, at times, life-saving for the 15 percent of clients whose families are affected by domestic violence.