SF restaurants’ employees hungry for valid paychecks

With little to show for their efforts, nine workers sued Mission Beach last month, charging that they were being deprived of “the most basic labor protections under state and local law,” according to their lawsuit.

News Story (California)

Dominic Fracassa
San Francisco Chronicle
April 16, 2017

Tags: Wage Theft

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid at Work (San Francisco)


A growing consciousness of their rights has played a significant role in galvanizing restaurant workers to take employers to court, according to attorneys and state labor officials.

“There is just more and more awareness about wage theft,” said Carole Vigne, an attorney at Legal Aid at Work, a nonprofit representing workers in the Mission Beach, Burma Superstar and Gordo Taqueria cases.

“I’m also seeing a greater sense of solidarity for other workers. It’s a risk going to court; it’s a big investment. And I think that’s been a noticeable change,” she said.