We’ve reinvested in Minnesota’s courts. Let’s not stop now.

We all benefit from a high-functioning system, and, as a state, we felt the consequences when the courts were underfunded.

Op-Ed (Minnesota)

Lorie Skjerven Gildea
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis)
April 19, 2017

Tags: Courts, Justice for All


A strong, impartial, and well-managed court system is the bedrock of a healthy democracy. The court system plays an essential role in keeping our communities safe, allowing our economy to thrive, and preserving our freedoms. We have such a court system in Minnesota, and every Minnesotan has a stake in ensuring that this continues to be true.

Our state courts process more than 1 million cases every year. Minnesotans come to our courts to seek justice, protect their rights, safeguard their property and resolve their disputes. Our courts are also called on to decide matters that arise out of the legislative and executive branches, such as election cases, disputes over legislative redistricting maps, litigation during government shutdowns, and challenges over the constitutionality of state laws.