Budget cuts could threaten legal services for state’s poor

It’s imperative that attorneys like ours are available to intervene in cases where people could otherwise not afford a lawyer.

Op-Ed (Georgia)

Wendy Glasbrenner
Gainesville Times (GA)
April 28, 2017

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Georgia Legal Services Program (GLSP), Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


More than half of our funding at Georgia Legal Services Program is from the Legal Services Corporation, an entity that could be defunded if the latest proposed budget goes into effect. Cutting funding for LSC would hardly make a dent in the federal budget, given that it accounts for roughly one one-hundredth of 1 percent of the total.

Such a cut would hit states like Georgia with large rural areas hard, where families already struggle to find the legal help they need. Legal services programs help assure fairness in the justice system, regardless of how much money a person has.