Don’t close courthouse doors on Floridians

An additional $22 million for legal aid would be modest by comparison, but it would have a life-changing impact for thousands of Floridians.

Editorial (Florida)

Orlando Sentinel
April 28, 2017

Tags: Funding: State & Local

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services Corporation (LSC), Florida Bar Foundation, Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida (CLSMF)


Millions of state residents can’t afford to hire a lawyer to help them resolve urgent matters in civil court. These include make-or-break issues for individuals and their families. Obtaining veterans’ benefits. Contesting foreclosures. Recovering from disasters. Settling family disputes. Securing protection from domestic violence.

Some of these Floridians are fortunate enough to get assistance through organizations that provide legal aid. But if a proposal from President Trump to eliminate federal funding for the Legal Services Corp. becomes law, far fewer will get help.