Free legal help —​ and $18,400 more saved

IndyStar Call for Action volunteers have been busy in the past month, opening 65 new cases while clawing back more than $18,400 for 18 Hoosiers who reached out for free help resolving consumer disputes.

Column (Indiana)

Tim Evans
Indianapolis Star
May 1, 2017

Tags: Pro Bono

Organizations mentioned/involved: Indiana Legal Services (ILS)


Behind each of those numbers is a person like Helen Graves. She called the hotline Feb. 7. Kevin, a volunteer who is part of our Tuesday crew, answered her plea for help collecting on a small life insurance policy she had bought 56 years ago when her son was born.

The 83-year-old woman was at wit’s end after spending nearly seven months trying to sort through confusion about the policy after her son died.

“I tried everything, calling everywhere,” Graves said when I talked to her Friday. “I can’t tell you how long and what all I tried.”

At one point she was told the company had no record of the policy, even though she had the paperwork and a policy number.