Mayor de Blasio is wrong to pick and choose which immigrants deserve counsel

But due process doesn’t work this way.

Op-Ed (New York)

Adriene Holder, Tina Luongo
New York Daily News
May 5, 2017

Tags: Deportation, Immigration Process

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Aid Society (New York City), Bronx Defenders


The mayor must not believe that New Yorkers like AB are redeemable or entitled to a second chance.

We represent clients like this every day in immigration and criminal court. We don’t play favorites. We provide counsel to all that seek it, and we fight tooth-and-nail to ensure a fair trial.

The New York Immigrant Family Unity Program is now a formidable tool pushing back against the Trump White House and federal policies that tear New York families apart. It’s a national model, and cities have begun to take notice. We hope this spreads to every sanctuary across the country.