State should bolster civil legal aid

For those of us who work in the legal system across Washington state, we share a commitment to making sure everyone has access to justice, regardless of their income.

Op-Ed (Washington)

Peter Grabicki, Greg Tripp
Spokesman-Review (WA)
May 21, 2017

Tags: Funding: State & Local

Organizations mentioned/involved: Northwest Justice Project (NJP) (WA)


Additionally, it’s important to note where civil legal aid is not spent, and that’s on partisan political advocacy. The state’s investment in legal aid cannot be used for class action lawsuits, lobbying or representation of undocumented aliens. Instead, civil legal aid serves low-income Washingtonians to help keep them housed, safe, and healthy.

That is why we believe that our legislators should agree on the funding level in the House budget. This investment in our civil justice system is overdue.

It is a bedrock of our democracy that everyone deserves access to justice, not just those who can afford to pay for attorneys. And providing help to the most vulnerable in our society is a value we share across Washington state.