Legal services offered with addiction treatment

In what may be the first time in this country, legal services lawyers are partnering with The Counseling Center to offer free legal services as part of addiction treatment services.

News Story (Ohio)

David E. Malloy
Herald-Dispatch (Hungtington, VW)
May 25, 2017

Tags: Opioid Crisis

Organizations mentioned/involved: Southeastern Ohio Legal Services (SEOLS)


The first-known partnership between a legal aid law firm and a drug/alcohol addiction treatment center has been ongoing for the past four months in Portsmouth, according to Mark J. Cardosi, managing attorney with Southeastern Ohio Legal Services.

“Folks there need the assistance,” Cardosi said. “We’re working with people facing major life problems. We can help with the stressors they’re facing.”

The legal assistance isn’t criminal defense work, but civil cases, he said. If they have a civil case where they can lose money or be held in contempt or lose their job, it puts them under stress while they’re in recovery, he said.