Older Lawyers Pursue Social Justice Through Emeritus Program

All three are "attorneys emeritus," participants in a program launched seven years ago by then Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman as "a permanent piece of the puzzle" to close the justice gap for low-income New Yorkers.
News Story (New York)

Jeff Storey
New York Law Journal
May 26, 2017

Tags: Justice for All, Pro Bono

Organizations mentioned/involved: Mobilization for Justice (New York City), Fordham University School of Law (NY), Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York


Lippman predicted that the program could attract “thousands” of aging but still healthy volunteer attorneys for a “quantum leap” in pro bono representation and legal advice for low-income New Yorkers in foreclosure, debt collection, housing, family and other civil cases. According to a just-completed Feerick Center report, 2,256 attorneys enrolled in the program from 2010 to March 2017, and the report acknowledges that some who reregistered may be counted more than once.

But the emeritus program has “grown steadily,” according to Fern Schair, chair of the center’s advisory council, and that with accelerated outreach and placement, she said it can only get “bigger and better.”