Even in ‘good’ states, LGBT advocates say there is work to be done

Advocacy organizations, policymakers and elected officials have been committed to establishing legal protections and recourse for LGBT people in the state, Cisneros said.

News Story (NATIONAL)

Susan Miller
USA Today
June 1, 2017


Organizations mentioned/involved: California Rural Legal Assistance Inc. (CRLA)


Fifteen states and Washington, D.C., are ranked as “high equality” by the Movement Advancement Project, a think tank that researches and analyzes state and federal laws with LGBT implications. These states have laws with LGBT protections that cover areas such as employment, housing, public accommodations, schools, health care access and hate crimes.

Lisa Cisneros lives in one of those states: California. Cisneros is the LGBT program director for California Rural Legal Assistance, a program she helped launch in 2007 that provides legal advocacy for rural, low-income members of the LGBT community.

“It’s not simply a matter of establishing a new statute or winning at the Supreme Court,” she said. “We are making sure communities are aware of what legal rights there are and that they have access to affordable legal services.”