Attorney runs 160 miles across Florida to raise $50K for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid

Freed, 48, erased those doubts Friday afternoon as he crossed the finish line on the lawn of the Duval County Courthouse, wrapping up the final leg of his six-day, six-marathon journey that took him from Tallahassee to Jacksonville.

Feature (Florida)

Garrett Pelican
Florida Times-Union
June 2, 2017

Organizations mentioned/involved: Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA)


It was knowing that he had surpassed his goal of raising $50,000 for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, a nonprofit group that provides legal help to low-income individuals and families, and shined a spotlight on an overlooked issue: the access to justice gap.

“There’s folks that need to use this wonderful legal system that we have, and they just need a little bit of guidance from a professional lawyer but simply can’t afford it. So that’s what got me inspired, when I realized funding was getting cut and the need was going up,” Freed said.