Federal budget cuts could reduce legal aid to poor, elderly

The chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court is adding his voice to others in the legal community calling for renewal of federal funding for attorneys to represent the nation's poor and elderly.

News Story (Illinois)

Edith Brady-Lunny
June 7, 2017

Tags: Funding: Federal

Organizations mentioned/involved: Prairie State Legal Services (northern Illinois), Legal Services Corporation (LSC)


The elimination of $500 million in funding to the Legal Services Corporation proposed in the initial version of the federal budget would mean the loss of the major funding source for 133 legal aid programs across the country, including three in Illinois that receive $12 million to help cover the cost of lawyers for indigent clients.

In a message posted on the state Supreme Court website, Chief Justice Lloyd Karmeier said the impact of the cuts proposed by the Trump administration could push to the brink a legal aid system already overwhelmed by requests.