Legal Services of Eastern Missouri introduces new Education Justice Program

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (LSEM) has created a new unit with a big goal: ending the school-to-prison pipeline and creating an equitable educational system.

News Story (Missouri)

Sophie Hurwitz
St. Louis American
July 20, 2017

Tags: School-to-Prison Pipeline, Schools: Discipline

Organizations mentioned/involved: Legal Services of Eastern Missouri (LSEM)


“The education justice program is a new unit, comprised of three people, and we are seeking to achieve education equity and racial justice for all children,” said Susie Lake, staff attorney for the new project. “And we’re going to attempt to do that through impact litigation and other impact advocacy tools.”

 “We will work to address these inequities, because we know that school suspensions can have a profoundly negative impact on children, families and communities,” said Education Justice Program Director Luz María Henríquez.

“Suspended students are less likely to graduate on time and more likely to be suspended again. Moreover, suspended students are more likely to repeat a grade, drop out of school and become involved in the juvenile justice system.”