Budget cuts legal aid for poor, but no explanation given

The heads of the three agencies that used this money to handle thousands of child custody cases, landlord/tenant disputes and other civil matters said they received no notice for the cut and that they've gotten no explanation in the ensuing month.

News Story (North Carolina)

Travis Fain
WRAL (Raleigh)
July 23, 2017

Tags: Funding: State & Local

Organizations mentioned/involved: Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy (formerly Legal Services of Southern Piedmont) (North Carolina), Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC), Pisgah Legal Services (PLS) (North Carolina)


“We were totally blindsided,” said Kenneth Schorr, executive director at Legal Services of Southern Piedmont. “There was no communication this was on the table.”

The cut materialized in the House. Legislative staff there referred WRAL News to Speaker Tim Moore‘s office for an explanation, but his spokesman said Moore would not comment on the matter.

The four co-chairmen of the House’s Justice and Public Safety Appropriations Committee did not respond to WRAL News requests for comment. The only possible explanations Schorr and similar agency heads have heard came third-hand or worse and may be little more than speculation.