Helping veterans cope in the RGV

Regarding the July 12 article, “Friends who met in Afghanistan now enjoying new shop in SPI,” this article really helped me to realize that veterans should be given more opportunities and legal aid.
Letter to Editor (Texas)

Lizbeth Morales
Monitor (TX)
August 14, 2017

Tags: Veterans


One recent study has shown that two-thirds of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder. This has been an issue many of them face since they are not diagnosed properly while serving. No official diagnosis means after being discharged they don’t receive disability compensation.

We need more programs such as the Homeless Veterans Project, which help our veterans. Without a job and no benefits, veterans can quickly end up homeless and destitute.

And five out of 10 problems among veterans involve legal help. It could be simple tasks as restoring a driver’s license that has since expired or even fight evictions. Seeking a lawyer’s help can be quite expensive. Civil legal aid is one of the best ways to provide legal services and help them stay in their homes.