Nampa woman challenges state for parenting rights to her daughter

A federal court ruled Thursday that Adela Ayala, 37, can continue the fight to be legally recognized as the parent to her 5-year-old daughter.

News Story (Idaho)

Areena Arora
Idaho Press Tribune
August 25, 2017

Tags: Child Custody, LGBTQ

Organizations mentioned/involved: Idaho Legal Aid Services


“The court has stated that it has granted preliminary relief that Miss Ayala’s status as a foster parent may not be changed,” said Howard Belodoff, one of Ayala’s attorneys and associate director of Idaho Legal Aid Services. “The whole case is really about having the state recognize her right as a parent to her daughter.”

In November 2016, Idaho Legal Aid Services filed a court case on behalf of Ayala against the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, challenging the constitutionality of the state’s paternity act, artificial insemination act and vital statistics act. The case challenged that these acts discriminate against same sex parents by denying them the right to having both parents’ names included on the child’s birth certificate.

Ayala and her partner had been together for several years before deciding to have a child together in 2011.